Our Mission is to build, support, maintain and connect communities by harnessing premium content with data and artificial intelligence which drives results for our brands and partners.
The team
Liam Lynch - Executive Chairman
Liam Lynch
Executive Chairman
Jack Kliger
Rich Jacobsen
Laas Turnbull - CEO Darwin CX & PCD
Laas Turnbull
CEO Darwin CX & PCD
Michael Smith - CTO & Head of Innovation Darwin CX & PCD
Michael Smith
CTO & Head of Innovation
Our Advisors
Niall O'Dowd - Vice Chairman
Niall O'Dowd
Joseph Coyne
Joseph Coyne

Studio media Portfolio

At Studio Media, data and audience are core to our business. 


From our flagship media brands to the plethora of organisations we partner with in PCD. If you are a digital platform, magazine, non-profit or membership organisation, you benefit from sophisticated knowledge of your audience and creative communication and engagement with them. 


Studio Media group is built through the merging of organisations with a common goal to build, support, maintain and connect communities. Irish Studio titles and PCD come together in this mission through data, digital, AI and content. 


The sum of these parts produces a robust organisation that helps you create better engagement with your audience. As a publisher, we understand these needs and the benefits of what we, as a group, can offer.

Irish Studio Travel

Palm Coast Data seamlessly supports the nation's leading magazine publishers and membership organizations by activating a mix of traditional, digital, and online fulfillment; marketing support; and business intelligence solutions.

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Darwin is a customer data platform that serves as the single source of truth for enterprise data.Transactional and behavioral data attaches to a single customer record. The result: A 360-degree view of each customer in real time. Everything rolls up into intuitive dashboards, along with granular finance and circulation reports that can be downloaded with the click of a button.